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Reference Sheet: Lucy Katt by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Mature content
Reference Sheet: Lucy Katt :icona-fox-of-fiction:A-Fox-Of-Fiction 6 2
Winston Pike redrawn by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Winston Pike redrawn :icona-fox-of-fiction:A-Fox-Of-Fiction 1 2 Vixen Time! by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Mature content
Vixen Time! :icona-fox-of-fiction:A-Fox-Of-Fiction 5 2
Gypsy Danger by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Gypsy Danger :icona-fox-of-fiction:A-Fox-Of-Fiction 2 0 Trying out the new body by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Mature content
Trying out the new body :icona-fox-of-fiction:A-Fox-Of-Fiction 7 6
Consequences, consequences... by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Consequences, consequences... :icona-fox-of-fiction:A-Fox-Of-Fiction 9 9 The Price of doing business by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Mature content
The Price of doing business :icona-fox-of-fiction:A-Fox-Of-Fiction 2 12
Selifie Time! by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Selifie Time! :icona-fox-of-fiction:A-Fox-Of-Fiction 3 0 Saturday again by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Mature content
Saturday again :icona-fox-of-fiction:A-Fox-Of-Fiction 5 2
Strange Bedfellows by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Strange Bedfellows :icona-fox-of-fiction:A-Fox-Of-Fiction 4 0
Death Valet: The Contractor
Name: Amos “The Contractor” Goodeve
Bio: Amos Goodeve, a periodic  collaborator with Tom “Boiler Room” Drew, is a very busy, but criminally minded beaver and engineer/builder who uses his own talents in the name of enriching himself through theft.
Born in 1984 to a family of builders and contractors in upper Michigan, he grew up in Laurium, Michigan and though he frequently worked through the family business even as a kid (pretty much every beaver in his family was part of the family business, and working together in it), he always liked visiting larger cities.
As he got older, he learned more about people living in cities, and while he got more excited about moving to one, he also got more and more bitter by some of the things he’d read about them, or rather about yuppies, or people who just inherited their money, and also due to problems with some local jerks, he’d began wondering about just why he shouldn’t try to just rob people, seein
:icona-fox-of-fiction:A-Fox-Of-Fiction 1 0
Death Valet: Boiler Room
Hi folks, the weather outside is frightful...Spring my ass! But here we have a new character profile for another antagonist of Death Valet's world, an improbably concocted yuppy cat burglar.
Name:  Tom “Boiler Room” Drew
Bio: More commonly known as “Boiler Room”, an alias he himself came up with based on his initial criminal venture, Thomas Drew is a nouveau riche rags to riches and riches to rags career criminal with a special interest in theft, especially of jewels and gold.
Born in 1982 in Maryland, Tom was born into a middle class family, and from the days of his youth had an obsession with money, he was kind of a hard worker, attempting to do work around the house just to try and get an allowance, and got something of one before his younger brother did. He was not however, particularly scrupulous, but was more honest than he’d later be.
Later on, he began to realize further ways to get money out of his parents by arranging mishaps around it tha
:icona-fox-of-fiction:A-Fox-Of-Fiction 0 0
Mummy Ninja by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Mummy Ninja :icona-fox-of-fiction:A-Fox-Of-Fiction 7 3 One upping the baconator by A-Fox-Of-Fiction One upping the baconator :icona-fox-of-fiction:A-Fox-Of-Fiction 2 2 The Trojan Pie by A-Fox-Of-Fiction The Trojan Pie :icona-fox-of-fiction:A-Fox-Of-Fiction 2 4 Jacob Young by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Jacob Young :icona-fox-of-fiction:A-Fox-Of-Fiction 2 13


Mixed Bathing - Cats and Dogs by Yesterdays-Paper Mixed Bathing - Cats and Dogs :iconyesterdays-paper:Yesterdays-Paper 21 5 Assassin rolls by R-redbob Assassin rolls :iconr-redbob:R-redbob 8 10 Treasure Chest by Phobos-Romulus Treasure Chest :iconphobos-romulus:Phobos-Romulus 176 50 Batman '66 by jollyjack Batman '66 :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 1,881 226 big booty Jess by Ar018 big booty Jess :iconar018:Ar018 148 4 Sea nude by Ar018
Mature content
Sea nude :iconar018:Ar018 108 9
Coach N by Ar018
Mature content
Coach N :iconar018:Ar018 94 3
Wind by Ar018 Wind :iconar018:Ar018 56 4 Bb 01 by Ar018 Bb 01 :iconar018:Ar018 89 3 Store by Ar018 Store :iconar018:Ar018 190 8 Boss Baby by Ar018
Mature content
Boss Baby :iconar018:Ar018 89 4
So Lucky Pg. 01 by DarkVigilante
Mature content
So Lucky Pg. 01 :icondarkvigilante:DarkVigilante 177 51
Susan's Summer by Phillip-the-2
Mature content
Susan's Summer :iconphillip-the-2:Phillip-the-2 345 23
ENF inko by SuperSpoe ENF inko :iconsuperspoe:SuperSpoe 440 20 LaTraviatta by 14-bis LaTraviatta :icon14-bis:14-bis 452 21 Indi girl by 14-bis Indi girl :icon14-bis:14-bis 298 9

Which parts of my gallery do you like best? 

9 deviants said Death Valet, the prologue, profiles and pictures
3 deviants said My photos
2 deviants said My stories, including Black and White and Stranger

Journal History


I'd like to cement to you all that a friend of mine in Australia and me were talking once and I predicted that the rumors that HBO would do an adaption of Watchmen were very much grounded in reality, why? To keep ahead of their competitors.
Take a look.…

Anyone have thoughts about HBO's new flagship plans?
Reference Sheet: Lucy Katt
Hello here viewers, here's a new reference sheet, fresh from :iconphobos-romulus: starring the badass feline monster huntress, Lucy Katt.

A Eurasian khao manee with a love of fighting, a bad attitude, the well deserved nickname of 'Ice Queen', a longtime resident of a cyberpunkish area of Hetelville, and doesn't take shit from anyone, but with a heart of gold beneath all the coldness.
For more information, see her profile: Death Valet: Lucy Katt
Winston Pike redrawn
Hi there folks, now some of you may be familiar with what I've posted here in regards to my in development graphic novel series Death Valet, and I'm hard at work trying to get it ready for publishing, and among other things, I've been trying to make some needed changes and revisions, among them, a redrawing of one of the series two main characters, Winston Pike. The everyman protagonist who becomes the valet and assistant of Alistair Garth...more recently I wasn't too impressed with the original reference sheet  Reference Sheet: Winston Pike by A-Fox-Of-Fiction and I wanted him redrawn before I get  the series started in earnest, so I paid :iconphobos-romulus: to redraw Winston Pike, make him into a better design.

Now, his revised (slightly, not much to change) character bio will come along in due time, but I'll tell you what you need to know about the character right now.

Winston Pike is an unemployed former fry cook from Virginia, who lost his old job due to bogus health code violations his college nemesis Joshua Sanchez was responsible for (among other things), he's never really met any paranormal beings in his life, and heads down to Hetelville, Florida to try and accept an online job offer to work as Alistair Garth's valet.
While very much unused to general, life threatening danger, he has a good heart and more bravery than he realizes he has, he also suffers a bit from depression due to his misfortune laden past.
He's also got some useful skills, albeit no initial combat related ones, specifically being an incredibly good cook.

I would also like to thank my friend :iconstoryteller288: for helping me come up with some of the details that ultimately helped in having him become better designed.
Vixen Time!
Hello, hello, hello, here we have it folks, a new commission from :icongamecreature: (who could really use some new commissions) where Rod's spending time with some nice girls he'd met.


Let it never be said that Rod had a negative opinion of foxes, matter of fact, while he's made love to women from many, many species, vixens are the one he loves best of all, whether they're regular anthros or Kitsunes, he loves them a lot. Most especially when it comes to making sweet love to them.

He also enjoys, though doesn't always partake in, group sex, so when he happens to run into four fine, foxy ladies at a nightclub and just can't decide who he'd like to ask back to his place, the thought occurs that maybe all four might be the ticket.

Recently he'd just gotten into and out of a pretty hectic mission involving a harpy attempting to use an earthquake machine to hold the world hostage in the name of making both a shitload of money and forcing Hollywood's top actors to get her pregnant. The single oddest combination of goals I've seen since Slender Man told me his plans for world piece...s.

Looking the way she did, I'm surprised she tried to resort to global terrorism to get herself knocked up, but I digress.

He and Chieko managed to save the world from a crazy weirdo, and with the sum collected for their assignment, didn't have to work...for the next few days.

Rod naturally decided to do one of his favorite hobbies, which the picture above can clue you in on.

Sally (the blond), Marcy (the brunette), Carla (the redhead) and Mildred (the dark haired one) were all friends who'd gone to a local Hetelville nightclub to unwind, and caught Rod's eye fairly soon.

Some work was needed to persuade all four to head to his abode...but it was certainly worth it for him.

And thus a non-stop chorus of sex and moaning erupted on his side of the duplex for several hours that night.

Chieko was very glad her half was soundproof.


Rod Garth, and kinda the vixens too, belong to me.
Gypsy Danger
Hi there folks, I've been meaning to buy more action scene commissions lately, so I hope you enjoy this new acquisition from :iconphobos-romulus: starring my OC Aurelia Lupei as she beats the shit out of a drug trafficker's goons.


Aurelia Lupei, one of Alistair Garth's two best friends, is a very extensive hunter of bounties herself, though she ultimately prefers mysteries over doesn't mean she won't mix it up when she has to.

Actually she's pretty good at mixing it up herself, like these schmucks are finding out.

She'd gone to looking for the cause of a Los Angles based drug trafficking ring, after a substantial bounty was placed on finding who ran the ring, regardless of who it was, simply because of how much trouble it was proving to the police to track down.

The fact the police chief refused to get out of his chair even to eat probably had something to do with this, but Aurelia doubted he was taking bribes, he wouldn't even leave the chair if you dropped a $100 on the floor.

She'd personally tested it out, twice...he gave up when he found he couldn't stretch that far.

So she kept looking on and on, trying to find clues (which weren't too hard) and possible culprits (which was harder), but her being clever, it soon dawned on her that a surprisingly wealthy mattress businessman was exporting outrageously large amounts of cocaine into L.A. Under the cover of his recently erected business of importing and exporting latex trousers.

This was where massive amounts of confusion set in, as Aurelia was pretty sure the 'specific' trousers had more to do with the drug lord's  fetishes than any believable cover.

But, she was sure she had the right guy, and he knew it, so when the new shipment of cocaine sent in alongside the %25 gimp suits arrived, he hired resurrected assassin Alexander Solonik, and Burner, a notorious mercenary/arsonist...who happens to be a treeperson, to go with his guards to make sure the 'snooping gypsy' breathes her last.

However, as you can see, they're finding quite quickly that the only person in danger wasn't the gypsy, but them.

Burner certainly agreed, even if he came the closest to beating her that night.

Unfortunately for the mattress kingpin, his scheme was exposed, but his attempt to escape using mattress trampolines was foiled not only by Aurelia, but the police...the ones he wasn't paying anyways. Even the chief was there.

Granted he had several officers carry him in a litter, but it's the thought that counts.


Aurelia Lupei and Burner, plus these miscellaneous goons sorta do too.

Alexander Solonik however does not, due to the fact he was a real (albeit deceased for about twenty years) person.


Alexander James Foix
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
To I am known as A.Fox, to Youtube I am known as AFox739, to my friends I am known by my real name (Alex Foix), but to this site I am known as A-Fox-Of-Fanfiction (didn't have room for site.)
Hello, hello, hello folks. I am proud to announce that my best friend :iconitalianblackcat: has reopened writing commissions, and that they will be used to help out a couple of artists who could really use money, these being :iconralphbear: and… who also could use commissions and/or donations themselves.

Here's the details:…

He's a very skilled writer too, and he won't disappoint if you commission him. And remember, the money's being raised to help out a couple artists who sorely need money.
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