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Every Minute: Part 2
Today we have the long awaited (for me at least) second half of this commission Every Minute: Part 1 by A-Fox-Of-Fiction from :icondutchmouse: starring Chieko Masaki as she proves how badass she is shooting.


Needless to say, Chieko absolutely beat Lyle in the bet, he couldn't even get a single shot off before she could.

And she deliberately shot the last one when it was ABOUT to hit the ground.

Lyle himself lost a thousand bucks, having been way too sure she was going to lose. However, though he'd stopped being concerned over getting in her pants, a new concern came to Chieko.

NOW he was practically worshiping "The Gun Queen" and asking that she teach him her secrets.

Chieko let a couple pointers be all he get, she still wasn't totally thrilled over him having hit on her, but he did pay up the money without a fuss.

Still though, she had the money she needed, and now that she had gas money, she was just about ready to leave around the time Rod called.

The alligator had finished screwing lovely Matilda, who herself loved his pleasure enough that she gave him a large bunch of apple crumb cakes as a gift, and both Rod and Chieko headed right off for home.

Rod was certain of one thing, he needed to visit that town again someday.


Chieko Masaki belongs to me.

Lyle belongs to :icondutch:
Super Garth Bros.
Come look onward dear viewer, at a new picture drawn for me by… with Alistair Garth and his brother Rod as they team up to engage in daring-do against a pack of terrorists on a highway.


The job was vital, and the stakes were high, but that mighta been obvious by the picture.

Alistair Garth and Rod wound up on the same job due to seperate causes, sure, Rod was hired by the owner of a nuclear power company to try and catch whoever kept breaking into it, but Alistair had not only sussed out who it was, a chameleon former businessman who founded  ideological terrorist group "Faux French" (which itself was devoted to, of all things, grapefruits), the leader happening to have a sizable bounty on his head for funding his bizarre, overobsessive grapefruit crusade through drug dealing, ransom plots and countless instances of robbing fruit vendors.

Both brothers ran into each other while trying to catch the culprit and were pretty surprised to find each other on the same quest, they both agreed to pool their resources and try to go kick some ass. Figuring some family bonding wouldn't hurt...that and they'd get paid either way.

During their investigations over the next couple days, they discovered that the chameleon was stealing uranium from the plant so he could build a massive terraforming device he'd use to pull a coup and take over America, unless they wanted him to forcibly convert %60 of the country into a South American rainforest and kill countless people in the process.

Why? Because he wanted to make it law that everyone had to eat four grapefruit for breakfast, and congress told him to fuck off when he proposed it to them.

The two (with Cheiko Masaki in tow) proceeded to raid their headquarters that very day, and while kicking ass and beating up/killing the majority of the chameleon's men, the terrorist leader about about half of the ninety men who followed him fled on a large flatbed truck with the doomsday device, Chieko slipped on it and began trying to covertly disarm it, but the truck sped off, and so did the terrorists.

However, there were a motorcycle and sidecar nearby, and Rod had brought a totally bitchin' club, so he and Alistair went off to fight.

So here they are, already having taken several terrorists, fighting their way to the front, currently dealing with a dullahan and about to open up a six pack of whoop ass on these jerks.

Clearly, we can see who has the bigger grapefruits here.


Alistair and Rod Garth, plus the dullahan by extension, belong to me.
Reference Sheet: The Apache
Hello readers, here's a commission from :iconphobos-romulus: depicting a villainous character I have devised.
He's a psychopathic, clever french skunk, a mix of a modern gangster and the apache gangsters of turn of the century France, leader of his own gang of present day apaches, who roam the street in Hetelville, Florida. He rules his gang through a mix of fear and brute cunning, and has no inhibition where his greed is concerned.
Sabrina: The College Years
Here we have a new commission from :iconlord-foxhole: starring (used with permission)  Sabrina Skunk and Amy Squirrel, owned by Eric W. Shwartz

Here we have these two friends chatting as they have lunch, while Sabrina tells her friend the squirrel about her college years...and who she met while she was there.

I'd like to mention that I don't know which college Sabrina went to in Sabrina Online, this is only intended to be the versions of her and Amy native to Rod's world anyways.


While Sabrina Skunk and her friend Amy Squirrel were having lunch at a local cafe, the subject of their college years came up, and though Amy had gone to a local college, she was surprised to hear Sabrina had gone to Hetelville University of all places.

Naturally, in a city overflowing with all manner of paranormal creatures, they could teach quite a lot about computer sciences...among a whole lot of other things, but Sabrina had applied for a scholarship there, and she'd impressed the dean enough that they let her come.

She could still remember how her head was swimming when she'd gotten there, I mean she'd never seen vampires, zombies, centaurs or anything of the sort before, so to say the paranomal residents of the large city amazed her eyes was an understatement.

Still, she'd managed to get settled in at some point, and took to her studies...however, while she made some good friends, she did end up wishing she could have more attention from boys, since she was a bit of a nerd, it wasn't her biggest concern, but most people tend to worry about such things at one time or another.

Now this was long before she actually met RC, bare that in mind.

This first year of college also happened to be that of Rod Garth's, and true to form, he was going around sleeping with multiple female students, though he'd end up sleeping with pretty much every single woman on campus. Including Sabrina herself.

He'd met her one day while she happened to be asked by their history professor to try and help him out, because his grades were not especially good (no surprise there), so she started visiting with him outside of the class, despite initial nervousness due to the fact this alligator she was supposed to help, while an idiot, was very hot, however, he felt she was actually much more attractive than the then self conscious Sabrina was.

About four days after they met, Rod decided to try and see if Sabrina would be interested in some bedroom fun, when she came over to the apartment he was lodging at in college (which was across the street from the Rappa Sappa Si frathouse, which he would have stayed in if there'd been any more room) to help him study, he turned on his charm, though she was ultimately flattered, she was unsure, she thanked Rod for his interest, but didn't think he could be seriously interested in her.
Rod did clear the waters up and admitted that he was interested in sex, however, Sabrina was indeed much more attractive than she thought she was, in truth she was actually very beautiful, he was honestly surprised he hadn't tried to sleep with her before.

Ultimately, the aroused Sabrina decided that after all, she'd hop into bed with Rod Garth, thus having her first time, it was amazing and while Rod did have some good fun, he was proud to have been the first man she'd been with (to be honest, I don't think Sabrina was a virgin before she met RC, and whoever took the virginity  I dunno, so for the sake of this, it was Rod), she was in a downright blissful mood the rest of the week.

She remained friends with Rod the duration of college, during which she'd slept with him about three other times, he did hang out with her, but their relationship still remained a platonic one with was college after all. However, she was more interested in finding a boyfriend, something she'd had no luck in...until she met RC that is.

The two went their separate ways after college, they met a few more times, but never in a sexual context, as she'd finally found a boyfriend in RC, who she had told about this.
She had not, however told Amy, leaving her to have to explain this to her...which was about to yield in something Sabrina was about to learn about Amy...


Rod Garth belongs to me.

Sabrina Skunk and Amy Squirrel belong to Eric W. Shwartz
Reference Sheet: Kira Fukui
Drawn for me by :iconpopokino: this was a while, but it is ultimately as good as I hoped it was :) here she is, Kira Fukui, best friend of Gagnesh Mritue (whose crush on him is known by plenty...except for Gagnesh) and Kitsune high school student.
For more info on Kira, check this out Death Valet: Kira Fukui

And thanks again Popokino :)


Alexander James Foix
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To I am known as A.Fox, to Youtube I am known as AFox739, to my friends I am known by my real name (Alex Foix), but to this site I am known as A-Fox-Of-Fanfiction (didn't have room for site.)
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