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Hello viewers, welcome to a new story, something you can thank my best friend :iconitalianschizoidboy: for, as he’d bought this, here comes my second writing commission, and also my second macro fic.
This will feature the character of Lucy Katt, who some may remember from my older story Black and White…ever since I decided to not make her just a version of Lucy from Bittersweet Candy Bowl and just my own character, I have chose to incorporate her (and this story) into Death Valet’s world, as is her archnemesis Bonnie, who exists in a new and superior form now.
Also, I’m planning to rewrite Black and White in a bit, just wait and see the new version :)
As you can guess, this time all the characters belong to me.
One note, there’s plenty of Macro stuff in this story, so in advance I’d like to warn about that.


There’s something to be said for the therapeutic factor of forcing a yellow, flame decorated speedy vehicle to join a street lamp in unholy matrimony.
It’s even more therapeutic when the car was driven by someone who you really, really hate.
These thoughts did not occur to Lucy Katt in the least when she did it, since she had bigger fish to charbroil.
The Khao Manee monster huntress was in Las Vegas after she heard her archenemy Bonnie North, AKA Bonfire Vanities, was there trying to rob a casino with the help of a card dealer within it, said dealer’s German girlfriend and some hoods she’d found…and Bonnie being Bonnie, she made the mistake of attempting to seduce Frank Sinatra (which almost made him wish he didn’t come back from the dead in 2009), which was what tipped Lucy off to the presence of her hated foe.
Which was why she flew on the first plane out, beat/shot the members of Bonnie’s gang she could find, and had just run both the truck about five thugs were in, and Bonnie’s Lamborghini, into separate power poles.
And why she was standing in a dead end alleyway, fighting a bunch of assholes.
Moving lightning fast, Lucy quickly blocked an attack from a fox in tan clothing, who’d previously called her something very nasty.
“So you think I’m your mom?” She quipped, quickly whipping around to the side, grabbing the fox by his skull and smashing him right into a brick wall, knocking him out, along with several of his teeth.
A chimpanzee with a lot of facial piercings attempted to charge at her while she was busy with the fox, only to end up losing that nice shiny nose ring to her swift and pulling hand, as he did his consciousness at the hands of her knee to his face.
As did the other two thugs, one a ferret and the other a crow as she proceeded to stop the first charging one, the ferret with a lead pipe in hand, by means of her lunging towards his face (notice a pattern?) with a flying kick, and then rapidly extending her arm out and clotheslining the crow (who unlike the others, had thought to pull out a gun), knocking him to the ground with a pin.
But as she choked him out, she turned her head and as she could have guessed, Bonnie was trying to escape her again, but in a downright insane way.
“Come on now you little shits!” She yelled out as she attempted to claw herself up the brick wall, oblivious to the fact she was not Spiderman “Climb already!”
She was clad in the fire adorned balaclava that concealed her face, and also wearing a similarly decorated jumpsuit, one that made the curves of her fit body way too clear.
Having already knocked out her goons, nobody was going to save Bonnie now, Lucy smirked to herself as she got up from the ground and pulled out two knives.
Bonnie was notorious for the fact she just couldn’t die right, or rather how she’d  had herself deliberately cursed to come back from the dead whenever Lucy killed her, or was involved in something that did.
“Okay queen bitch” Lucy said, keeping a good eye on her enemy, cautiously approaching in case the deformed maniac had a trick up her sleeve “It’s time to play hide the  knives.”
Bonnie stopped attempting to crawl up a sheer brick wall and turned to face her enemy with a glare as friendly as a rattlesnake to the foot.
“Oh of course you’d have shown up, you know Jonestown was a giant party right? Then ‘ol Jim Jones prophesied your existence and out came the kool aid!”
The cat rolled her eyes, she’d heard worse from her.
“Enough talk Bonnie, there’s a courtroom seat with your name on it.”
The Irish Setter crouched and entered a mock kung fu pose, which she no doubt blatantly copied from Kung Fu (David Caradine would disapprove) “You’ll have to drag my perfect ass to it, mouse breath harpy!”
The feline was no fool and stood her ground, but nothing could prepare her for what happened next.
Bonnie quickly ran forward, snarling and attempting to hurl a punch straight to Lucy’s chest, a simple enough move for the kitty to block, but as soon as she did Bonnie quit the blow just before it connected.
Before Lucy realized it was a fake, her enemy changed her attack to a tackle and forced her full weight into a lunge for Lucy’s torso, knocking her down.
As Lucy was about to hit the ground, a detail that to her didn’t seem very important yet notable, was how there were cylinder shaped bumps along the wrists of Bonnie’s jumpsuit.
When Lucy hit the ground, pain surged through the back of her head, it wasn’t enough to really distract her, except for a brief second. All Bonnie really needed, the setter quickly taking advantage of Lucy while she lay on the ground, extending her palm right into Lucy’s face…and hurriedly pressing her index and middle finger into her palm. Causing gas to be released from one of the cylinders on her wrist.
Not sure what the hell was in that, Lucy didn’t want to take any chances, hurriedly bringing her leg up and by some chance, her knee collided with Bonnie’s crotch with such force it threw the setter through the air, somersaulting, and flat on her own back. But it was too late, Lucy had already inhaled too much of the gas.
The feline turned around, hacking like a hairball was caught in her throat (again), the gas was…really, really weird, like, she couldn’t even put her finger on how, it just felt like she was full of energy, but not in a good way, almost like she was on drugs or something else…
“What…the…hell” she spat out, choking her words out, as she felt like…like her throat was just week and quiet “Did you do to me you witch?”
Bonnie quietly stood up again, rubbing her sore (and not in a way she’d like) crotch, turning slowly she sneered at her “I let us both win, I get to go home free, and you get a boob job those stuck up preppy bitches would KILL dozens for!”
Lucy didn’t feel like she was dying, no, she could feel expansion in every part of her body, her eyes couldn’t believe what was happening. She wasn’t getting fat, or this just swelling up in one part of her, no, this was her body just suddenly and quickly increasing in size, like she just ate a smoothie made of pure Super Mushrooms. Her body itself was as fit, and hot as it ever was, but clearly it was beginning to get much bigger.
However, her clothes, her shirt, pants, and fine coat were starting to rip apart as her body bloated up like a balloon, and as she suddenly grew wide enough to barely fit in the alley, they just burst right off, leaving them as shreds, and her totally naked.
As she hit the brick walls, her shoulders knocked them over like tightly packed tinker toys, an avalanche of them showered down from the walls as her size increased.
Her head kept swimming in a drowsy, near dizzy fervor until she came to her senses, and when she was…she was a two hundred foot tall, giantess version of herself. Whatever clothes she’d been wearing were no  more, as she now felt a very chilly breeze in the air that just froze the fuck out of her, her nipples becoming harder than any conceivable diamond ever was. The buildings to her left and right had gaping holes in their sides from her growth.
Now while anyone in this situation would feel a sense of horror or fear, Lucy herself gave an uncharacteristically girly shriek, and hurriedly covered up her nipples and pussy with whatever appendage she could spare. There hadn’t been too many people in that neighborhood at the moment, but there were several, including people in the buildings, and the sound of her getting bigger and harder was bringing in quite the crowd.
Scanning the growing throng with a gaze, Lucy spotted Bonnie pretty quick, not hard at all when pretty much the whole crowd gave her a very wide birth.
The Irish Setter fumbled around with the cartridges on her jumpsuit, ripping it out and looking at just what she’d sprayed Lucy with “…Whoops.”
“Whoops?!” Lucy roared, her giantess voice reverberating throughout the area, ears were clenched shut by fingers, and multiple windows met their end “The hell do you mean whoops?!”
“I thought I had the spray that’d make your tits swell up to the size of Volkswagens” Bonnie threw her head back and laughed “Ahaha! Who cares! It’s not like you could stop me now anyways, thanks for being a sucker skank! I’m off to steal and murder like it’s the next big thing, I’ll be sure to thank the nearest orphanage for your foolishness. Aha! Ahahahahaha!”
Within the deepest parts of her mind, something within Lucy just…snapped, nothing she ever did could kill Bonnie for good, she kept taunting her, she kept being the embodiment of the word ‘bitch’ and her sole continued existence was Lucy’s fault, to hell with nudity, to hell with decency and to hell with her!
Lucy lowered the arms that were covering her naughty bits, and ignored the roaring applause from the crowd below, even if Bonnie didn’t.
“Yeah people, that’s right!” She beamed “You know a star when you see it!”
The cat slowly lifted her foot up, easily dwarfing the setter in the shadow of its glorious shape, as it slowly bore down on Bonnie.
“What the-” The confused setter muttered, noticing the darkness growing around her “It’s two in the evening, why would it be dar- OH GOD!”
A quick turn indicated she’d realized the biggest problem in making your sworn enemy a giant, Lucy was about to lower the long foot of the law right on her head, but Bonnie’s impromptu transformation into a marathon runner didn’t save her ass from the foot, as Lucy gingerly placed it down, pushing her to the ground like a 1 ton bouncy castle just landed on her head.
The bottoms of Lucy’s feet were very soft, but even being engulfed by the softest flesh imaginable wouldn’t be enjoyable (well not for Bonnie anyways) as the setter tried to squirm against the flesh, hoping in vain to escape, writhing in fear.
“HELP!” Bonnie screamed out, panicking despite her immortality, “Get me from under this crazy cat!”
Despite being pseudo-crushed by sheer foot, somehow Bonnie’s shrieks were able to slip out and up into Lucy’s ears.
Now normally, Lucy (who was fully aware of Bonnie’s own tendency to cry crocodile tears to try and get out of being killed) would just roll her eyes and prepare to bring the pain, but this time, in addition to the urge to FINISH HER she felt something else.
She felt real good, happy like she rarely had felt, and a little bit…wet, in fact it was more than a feeling, the crowd’s eyes widened as they saw that her jumbo pussy was indeed wet, and dripping juices. And as the kitty’s nipples had grown way too hard, it was clear that smushing Bonnie down was causing a disturbing…and hot, reaction.
The hint of a very sadistic grin emerged as Lucy slowly forced her heel down harder, squeezing Bonnie even tighter.
“No! No! Don’t do it! For the love of God!” Bonnie howled, her mind wracked with fear “Don’t kill me this way! Stop!”
The pleas for mercy were ignored and Lucy forced her heel down harder, and as the body can only handle so much pleasure, Bonnie’s frame smashed apart underneath her foot, blood spurting out like a popped water balloon (or a fat tick), her innards smushed like high school mystery meat, and anything resembling a face ground right into the…uh, well, the ground.
The crowd stood in a horrified silence, even as Bonnie’s blood leaked out from beneath the big titted kitty’s foot.
But one lone dog, who she could have sworn looked like an old friend of her’s yelled out in a mix of fright, disgust and surprise “What the hell?! That wasn’t supposed to happen…you two were supposed to  become nude giants and make out!”
Lucy threw back her head and laughed, a deep, throaty, evil laugh, looking down at her spectators hungrily.
“Mmmm, I think I can see why Bonnie loves this so much” she chuckled “My God! You all look like fucking specks!”
The crowd all took heaving fear shits…in unison. And by ‘took heaving fear shits’ I mean they stared at her breasts in total terror/arousal.
Lucy’s mouth grew into a full on sadistic grin, like the Joker whenever he got high, and began grinding her foot into the pavement, spreading the joy- I mean juice- I…well shit, now everyone knows a vampire’s behind the keyboard.
Was anyways, before I staked that motherfucker, now anyways.
Lucy’s foot continued to grind into the ground, spreading around the blood and gore, leaking out from beneath her own foot, staining part of it…huh, guess Ladd Russo was right, blood does look great on white.
And even though the metaphorical shit in everyone’s pants prevented them from running (right now anyways), they had to admit it, the blood looked kinda nice on her white feet.
Ironic foreshadowing.
“Writhe worms!” Lucy bellowed, loud enough to finish off whatever glass had survived her earlier merciless onslaught of it, her foot lifting up off the ground as she looked for something else to squish.
The horrified crowd, who should have ran when they could have, were mostly unable to flee the agony of da feet, just one set of her ten kitty toes and the piece of flesh and bone it was attached to making instant pancakes of about two dozen pedestrians, their bodies less made of flesh, and more like a mix of tomato sauce and jam with a meaty, irony flavor.
Her other foot lifted up and crushed the other half of the crowd, them acting like a bunch of grapes underneath a winepress.
Lucy didn’t care that some had escaped, the reign of Lucilla had begun!
Letting out a roar that sounded like it came from some bygone, prehistoric era, she first decided to clean her feet a bit.
Stomping over to a building that seemed to’ve  been used as an apartment building, she turned around and parked her fine, feline ass on top of it (and not giving a shit about the guy on the roof, who was about to die horribly, yet happy as a giant female ass was in the middle of reducing his weak, feeble body into spaghetti sauce), lifting up one of her legs and holding her foot right in front of her.
While normally not turned on by violence, Lucy felt a stirring in her loins…and her stomach, plus her tongue just had to taste that lovely strawberry syrup glistening on her feet.
Said pink taster extended out of her mouth, and with her feline dirt hooks lapping up every single drop of blood, slurping it up like syrup.
She’d never been one for consuming blood, but this stuff, it felt amazing, like honey, sweet…iron flavored honey “Mmmm, yummy” she chuckled “I should have brought some bread, this would make for an awesome sandwich!”
She spent a couple more seconds lapping up blood, like some sort of dog…even though she’s a cat.
But all things must come to an end, including me dragging out the blood licking way longer than I should have, so Lucy hopped off the building, allowing it to crumble from the massive shift in weight, Lucilla had returned to the rampage.
Fuck Lemon Demon, this here was the real Ultimate Showdown.
The kaijukitty started strolling down the street casually, disregarding whatever stood before her, if it was a car she’d crush it, if it was a pedestrian, she’d smush it into paste, she was beautiful and deadly, and even when a military helicopter snuck up behind her, an unintended swish of her white tail smacked it clean out of the sky.
People would wonder just what that large thumping noise was (clearly having never seen Godzilla…or a kaiju for that matter) and those that did gaze upon her menacing beauty found varying results.
One insurance salesman in a black suit who was about to enter a brothel found nothing but a shortened life and a scream of fear, when he looked up to see what was dripping, and saw a massive bloodstained foot about to squash him, and thus the crowd of perverts he was among died a death some people would pay to have, right on Lucy’s next budding snack.
A young nun who attempted to approach Lucy and beg her to end this carnage found out it was easier said than done, when she walked right next to a foot of Lucy’s…when it was in the middle of setting down.
The shockwave caused one fatality…the window of the bar the nun flew through, not the nun though.
Some other fleeing folk ended up with an even kinkier death, as a crowd of assorted raccoons, humans and other anthros proved slow enough for the stomping kitty to just snatch them up between her toes.
Bloodstained though they were, they also were kinda comfy, but when she started to wiggle her little olives around, the sheer force smushed them up too, their screams of agony ringing through the air as a shower of crimson red poured to the ground.
Yet others had more conflicting experiences, such as a young ferret on top of a skyscraper who was watching on in terror as the feline giantess was in the middle of stomping down the street, cringing as he expected to be smashed to a pulp himself…only to notice something the others didn’t pick up on.
Lucy was purring, like a cat chomping down a bowl full of bacon, or a feline femme with a man she was attracted to, when both were nude in a bedroom.
What surprised this young man…rodent, whatever, even more was she turned to look at him, giving a sultry little wave towards him and a saucier wink.
“Mmm, tasty…maybe if I can get some gas, I could show you sooooo many things.”
The now-homicidal giantess blew the, admittedly cute, ferret a kiss and strolled off down the street, only with a large, sexy sway in her hips.
The ferret, unsure whether or not to be aroused or afraid, fainted…with a nosebleed.
Lucy’s continued swaying of her hot hips confused and aroused the throngs of people fleeing the nude giantess, even when she stepped too close to a building and her buttocks smashed into them, the seismic hip checking leaving large dents and craters at best, or at worst simply demolishing them.
It got even worse when she started to sway her tail some more, smashing that fine, fluffy flesh against buildings, smack dab onto the ground, where it smashed streets, people and cars, and anything in its path like some sort of wrecking ball.
Yeah, Lucy may have been a brutal fighter, but she wasn’t a full out sadist, and certainly not someone who got as wet as she was getting to all this bloodshed and mayhem.
She certainly wasn’t some kind of tease, but given the mood she was in now, well…
Lucy noticed a large glass skyscraper, one with an amusingly phallic shape, a sniff from her nose indicated that it was still full of office drones, and after realizing the population of possible perverts, Lucy decided a good ass indulgence in skullduggery would be needed.
Strolling up to the building, Lucy stood right in front of it, reaching up an arm to knock on the top of it, careful not to really shatter the roof “Meow!” She purred “Hey office drones! Wanna have some milk?
“This horrrrny kitty feels like sharing!”
The violently coquettish kitty leaned right up to the glass, and carefully smushed her ginormous titties against the glass.
In the office, about all the residents, suffered large nosebleeds.
Reaching a hand over, Lucy squeezed it in, beginning to massage and stroke her left nipple, and followed it shortly with her right.
But as more noseblood spilled, regardless of gender, the now insane cat had another plan. “Who wants a jumbo titjob?!” She bellowed, cackling as she stretched both her tits out, spreading them as if to make room for some humongous dick.
But the office soon realized this was more maniacal than erotic. She had spread apart her big ass titties, but when they were on opposite ends of the building,  she let go, causing the boobs of death to fly like pendulum balls and smash the building clean in half.
The previously aroused office drones now screamed in terror as the most boobtastic death ever came to them, mounds of the best kind of fat smashing through walls, glass, plaster, and everything in between. No work would be done there, for Lucilla had arrived.
“Ahahahaha! Talk about a gang bang!” She howled, her elation from the screams clear, were Bonnie and Lucy really so different?
Well keep reading slick, the actual answer’s up ahead.
As Lucy turned away from the crumbling building, she saw the military got off their ass and had mobilized a bunch of tanks, and they were in the middle of training their weapons on her.
The feline felon rolled her eyes, took a deep breath…and released a massive jet of flame that incinerated the tanks, the street around them and…anything around the street.
By the time she was sure everyone there was dead, she closed her mouth and huffed indignantly “How rude.”
Stomping over elsewhere, Lucy’s nethers had begun to drip, she may not have had a kaiju around for thousands of miles, but she had to blow off that steam somehow, she’s had more than enough foreplay.
Though there were still throngs of people trying to flee her, she spotted her solution nearby, a building with a very large roof “Hello momma” she purred, reaching up two hands as she tore out a large chunk of building “I think I’m in love.”
The fleeing crowd had no chance, on one side she’d just laid down right on top of them, squashing those poor bastards flat, but she didn’t care so much about smashing all these people and turning into more pools of blood than The Joker leaves when he goes to the supermarket.
Laying flat on her back, the giant kitty spread her legs apart, causing the fleeing crowd to just stop running (FOOLS!) and just stare at the largest vagina any of them had ever seen, and to feel oddly aroused as this destructive maniac positioned the piece of building right in front of it.
Lucy moaned with delight as she turned the piece of rubble into a large dildo “Ohhhh yeah! That’s it!” Her right hand continued to work the ‘long john’ whilst her left hand started to caress her nipple.
“Oh baby!”
The crowd previously preoccupied with running away just stood by, shocked and aroused, mesmerized as Lucy continued to pleasure herself in front of them all.
She was just raising a whole lotta hell, madly thrusting it in and out, stimulating her gargantuan pussy with the improvised glory rod, moaning and purring with a erotic glee, giving herself the once over.
“Oh my god it’s great! Ahhh yeah! Oh!”
The pleasure built up within her, she was a raging volcano of ecstasy right now, and about to explode just like a-…yeah, you know what I mean.
And you also know what a volcano does.
Her dildo masturbation hit the pay off, while she’d dripped enough precum already on her walk through the town, at best it only just knocked people down, because if a large pool of water dropped on your head from a hundred or so feet, wouldn’t you be as well?
But this wasn’t just some dripping, no, when Lucy orgasmed, her pleasured shriek was drowned out by the screaming of the crowd as a tsunami of cum burst forth and though they tried to flee, flee they could not, because it burst forth like the aforementioned monster wave, swallowing them up in the flow of semen, like they were caught in a riptide at the beach, some drowned, some didn’t, but regardless of whether or not they did, the showers any one of them would have afterwards (those that survived anyways) would last the remainder of the day…and possibly the next one as well.
Lucy just lay down on her back, panting after an intense session of kitty self-fucking, felt pretty damned good, she so needed something like that, even before she’d gotten turned into a giant, she’d been really pent up.
It was relaxing to her to not have to feel that way now, it still confused her about why she was acting like this, but she didn’t care.
What she did do however, was feeling damn good…months worth of stressing and pent up urges temporarily relived through vigorous pounding of her kitty hole, and she couldn’t have been happier.
Purring left her mouth, but it ‘sho wasn’t her seductive purring from earlier, but something else, a cute purr, like something you’d expect a little kitten to give out after you’d given it some tender vittles and smelt.
“Meow” she sweetly mewed, a sound that seemed totally at odds with what she’d just done. Her legs began to lift up in the air and kicked at it, the few survivors of her cumplosion realized it at least…that cat was batshit insane.
And when she started batting her arms in the air wildly, like she was juggling a huge, invisible ball of yarn, they were finally smart enough to run.
Since they didn’t run to her left or right, they were lucky enough to escape Lucy’s newest method of killing, the ‘death roll’.
She suddenly started rolling around to the left, continuing to mew and meow like a sweet little kitten, only instead she was like a furry steamroller.
Yep, she used her new size and a buttload of momentum to smash through several brick buildings, crumbling them way down, the mortar and dust cascading down on her like she was being showered by diamonds.
Of course the people who were in the buildings didn’t like this much, whether they were living there, working, or sneaking in purely so they could avoid having “Crushed by a giant cat” on their tombstones, I mean there you are going about your business, when some huge white cat bulldozes you by rolling though your hiding place, crushing you…I mean how would you feel?
But it was the few skyscrapers she rolled through that got it the worst, because Lucy smashing through them forced the buildings to totally collapse, the building tumbling down like a delicate crystal that just met the hammer of a clumsy jeweler. The employees or residents of it tumbling to the ground either intact and screaming, or impaled and falling…but it didn’t matter, either way they turned into pools of bones and blood when they hit the ground.
After about twelve square blocks, and several casinos later, Lucy lay among a pool of rubble eight times her size, covered with pools of blood scattered here and there from the four digit body count she’d made. Her white coat looked like a bloody Kleenex, though parts of her body looked even more white due to all the cum she had on.
Lucy nonchalantly knelt up and licked her lips, not caring, because nobody around her was alive…and those that were happened to be in the middle of clogging the ‘out’ lane of the highways. “Oh my” she purred “I’ve gotten so dirty…I think I need a bath.”
Her tongue slowly reached towards one of her blood and dust covered arms and gave it a good, long lick, it was only the beginning, as the kitty-slut continued to gingerly lick off the bodily fluids and bring them to a resting place in her belly, which was getting pretty full, fast.
But she had just enough room for desert, when she got to her feet, she had to admit she liked that the best, the purest concentration of blood and cum, on a sensitive set of tootsies that made each lick tickle a bit, eliciting purr after purr from her throat.
And before long, she was clean, full, and kinda sleepy.
Lucy pulled up a little pile of rubble for a pillow, and lay down, and she fell asleep surprisingly fast.
Yet as she closed her eyes, she could hear something else.
“Lucy! LUCY! Wake up sis!”


Lucy woke up in the alleyway, exactly where she was before she turned into a giantess, in fact she was exactly where she’d fell.
Her adoptive sister Carli, a blue and red feathered, anthro bird who was currently going through college, was kneeling by her side, holding a medical kit, including something Lucy could tell was used to analyze blood samples offhand, and a breathalyzer. She wore her trademark beret and was quite concerned for Lucy, her beak seeming like she was clenching it too tight to exhale.
“Carli…I’m fucked up” Lucy said, coughing “Wh-where’d the rubble go?”
“About that” Carli said, Lucy was a bit confused for a sec “If you thought you became a giantess and went on an oddly sexual rampage, don’t feel like shit…Bonnie didn’t make any of that happen,”
“I tracked you here by your cell phone; after I couldn’t reach you…Bonnie’s been on the news for the last two hours cleaning out jewelry stores, and then I found you just laying here with your eyes closed and a grin plastered on your puss.”
Lucy’s ears sank and a sad frown covered her face “I’d thought to bring my medical kit from the hotel” Carli continued “And I took a look at your blood…you weren’t having some dream brought on from the back of your mind, Bonnie just got you high with something especially nasty.”
The cat still felt terrible for having been gassed like she did, she then was curious and quite ticked “What, bad acid?”
“Actually it was a Lilliputian drug called Garguantis, put bluntly it makes the user hallucinate themselves as a giant wherever they are. The trips themselves depend on the user, since they still control themselves…but the problem is that mixing it with anything can cause these trips to get out of the user’s power and get things really fucked up.”
Lucy’s eyebrows narrowed “What the hell did she cut it with?”
“Apparently she used chemicals designed specifically to make people violent, some PCP, her own blood…and a too generous helping of Spanish Fly.
“Essentially, a combination like this would basically cause the fantasy to become overly sexual, and the user to fetishize violence for the duration.”
The white cat just lay there in silence as her mind processed what her sis was saying…that bitch didn’t just dope her up so she could jack people’s money, she essentially molested her, forced her into some macabre sexual situation purely to spite her.
It fit Bonnie’s personality perfectly…she loved nothing more than spiting Lucy and tormenting her through non lethal methods, because as much as she hated the cat, she needed her adversary alive so she could maintain her form of immortality at all times, because dying for real was not something she wanted.
And Bonnie knew Lucy’s past, something that violated her would cut through to the bone way too well…but Bonnie did her job too well.
Because she didn’t torment Lucy’s mind, well she did, but it didn’t work, it might have if Carli hadn’t gotten there sooner, but now that she realized just what had happened, she…was pissed.
Her fists clenched, her teeth gritted together harder than Carli’s beak, which now exhaled as she saw Lucy was back to normal…except now it was like Popeye on a ton of spinach. Lucy got up with the speed of a Slender Man teleport and looked into Carli’s eyes.
“Where the fuck is Bonfire Vanities?” She said, she was trying not to growl to her sister, but Carli could hear the undertone in her voice.
A quick check of her phone revealed the truth “She’s robbing Caesar’s Palace and…oh, she’s seen Dean Martin.”
Lucy calmly walked over to her motorcycle “Get your drones, watch over me from a safe distance, I’ll take care of Bonnie once I pay a visit to that pawn shop…the one advertising the barbed wire and power tools.”
“What are you going to do?”
“Let’s just say that a woman scorned hath no fury like ME!”


Bonnie cackled over in Caesar’s Palace after bending Dean Martin over a blackjack table, her goons both restraining him and keeping the panicking crowd at bay as the evil bitch pulled out a strap on “Yeah dino, this is definitely a kick in the-”
“BIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHH!!!!” Rang out Lucy’s voice, at the opening of the casino, and well over the screams of the crowd.
Bonnie dropped the strap on, horrified at her petard hoisting her onto hot coals.
Unleash the Cat!
Hope you enjoy, even if you're not interested in macro, or my take on it...hopefully you at least enjoy the ending though :)
Rod Garth meets Auntie Vixen 2: Bedroom Boogaloo
And now, here's another commission I've bought… and the last one I got from him for the moment, here with Rod again seen with Auntie Vixen, the OC of :iconchochi: after she and he worked something out.


The verbal sparring match raged on for a while, but there was no tie here, as difficult as it was to reach, a victor emerged.

Rod had to admit, Auntie Vixen was a humongous prude, but though hot, she was tough to charm or argue with, a worthy challenge indeed...but there were other seductions that were much, much harder. He did seduce Hestia, Artemis and Athena some time ago after all.

After a couple hours, she finally warmed up to him a little, and sometime after that, Rod ended up using some flirtations that somehow triggered a spark within her, that spark set a fire on within her, and she soon asked for him to come and visit her place while her nephews were still at school.

Rod and Auntie Vixen proceeded to head to the bedroom, though what happened there was interesting to say the least.

Rod had banged many, many vixens, in fact he loves sleeping with vixens the most...but this particular fox was amazing, he wasn't sure if it was because she was a world class prude or something else, but that sex was amazing on a level he'd rarely had, he just couldn't believe how great it was.

He and this beautiful lady continued to make love for several hours, until Rod and her ended up exhausted and unable to continue, the alligator especially drained of energy.

About half an hour later, Rod ended up leaving, mostly because Auntie Vixen wanted him to go before her nephews, who were presumably being delinquents again and hence why they weren't already there, returned and she needed to get the stench out of the house. Rod agreed, but not before he handed her his phone number, thanked her for the time spent, and planted a deep kiss on her.

He ended up having to rest the rest of the day, and over the course of the next couple days, he and Chieko ultimately found the rustlers they were sent to find, then they had to head on home.

Before he left though, Rod sent Auntie Vixen a gift in the form of a piano she'd mentioned she'd always wanted during another chat they had in between those two days.

When he got home, he edited his list of the Top Ten Vixens he'd ever slept with...Auntie Vixen ranked as Number Two, right above Japanese Kitsune sun goddess Amaterasu and right below his fantastic friend-with-benefits Vixena Fukui.

Before long those two heard the news, both of them ended up wondering, exactly what did this seemingly ordinary vixen did to rank that high on it.

Which made things a bit weird for Auntie Vixen when they showed up on her doorstep three days later, asking if she could tell them anything...


Rod Garth belongs to me.

Auntie Vixen belongs to :iconchochi:
Hi there, got a new profile today, for the recently posted Alice Dodger, read forward, and listen to the tale of this cockney accented prostitute with the energy to wear out a thousand pairs of shoes through toe tapping like a machine gun.


Name: Alice Dodger

Bio: Alice Dodger, the great granddaughter of legendary pickpocket the Artful Dodger (who sorta illegally immigrated himself to Hetelville America, shortly after he arrived in Australia), is one of the star employees and hookers working at Vixena’s brothel The Fox’s Tail, and is incredibly hard to forget.
Alice was born in 1979, in a neighborhood of Hetelville called Steamberry to a poorer family of over twelve siblings (of which she was the sixth), with a pickpocket father who possessed massive enthusiasm for everything and a mother who seemed to possess an unnatural optimism and happiness. Something that anyone who met her would be surprised by given how the family was so poor that when they went shopping for groceries they tended to go over to restaurant dumpsters and take the refuse.
And somehow…somehow Alice managed to inherit her father’s boundless enthusiasm and her mother’s 24/7 optimism, from the day she was born (which was weird because when the back alley doctor who oversaw her birth slapped her, she giggled, making him at first assume she was some sort of masochist baby…things made more sense once she grew up a little more and it became clear she was simply extremely optimistic), she would always try to find a silver lining in whatever it was, and though she could sometimes be a bit sad in cases of extreme tragedy (such as when two of her siblings got ran over by a trolley) she would never be permanently depressed or down.
Despite living in a dirt poor family, Alice always did her best to help them out, to the point she attempted an after school job at a farm that mostly staffed itself with undocumented workers, for two dollars a day…at age seven. While it never really put a dent in their poverty, it did have a positive encouragement on her family as even her mother was impressed with just how much Alice was able to make out of their situation.
Her father died of the flu when she was twelve, and though the financial situation had slightly improved (due to the sheer number of stuff he’d stolen to pay off the mortgage on their small house) they still needed money, and though she missed her father a lot, she was willing to just try and treasure their memories and the years he had around, just like she did with her three deceased siblings (another one had died a year prior attempting to pickpocket a very touchy rhinoceros).
But the financial situation greatly improved when Alice went through puberty, when she found out boys had started to become very interested in her…even though her breasts never grew beyond an A cup, however she did develop into a beautiful girl, and around age 14 she ended up losing her virginity to a boy at school, on the roof…and it was this activity she grew to love a lot, especially after another boy ran into her one day, mistook her then tore up outfit (kind of a side effect from attempting to walk through a sidewalk full of porcupines, a manticore and a knife juggler on the way to the bus stop) for something you’d see on a prostitute, and attempted to proposition her…it then occurred to Alice how her new interest could possibly help out her family and she wouldn’t have to raid dumpsters and shoplift to get a solid meal.
She then proceeded to whore herself out to anyone in her school, male or female, for cash, and soon started making more money, while her mother was a bit disturbed as to how much money she was able to make off of this, Alice was having loads of fun and they needed money so they went with it.
Alice would continue making tricks as an unlicensed hooker for years, in spite of how some people would call her names (which she accepted as free advertising…which disturbingly enough worked) or how some boys would treat her badly after coitus (she was sure they’d get what was coming to them, which funnily enough worked in 1995 when a bunch of her more misogynistic classmates got together to ‘get it free’ and gang rape her on a basketball court…this backfired because then nine year olds Alistair and Rod Garth were walking by and seeing what they perceived as a bunch of guys bullying a girl six years older than them, proceeded to attack and somehow beat all ten of them up, receiving kisses on their snouts as a reward), or how she ended up developing a cocaine addiction as a result, she still enjoyed the sex and her job a lot, and she especially liked how she was making her family money, amusingly enough she was making more money than all her family combined, and helped support them well enough to have gotten a few of her smarter siblings through college.
At 18 she finally registered as a legal prostitute, and began walking the streets turning whatever tricks she could to make more money, sometimes hiring herself out to brothels to get them more easily, however she did not have the best of luck with the first two, due to the owner of one brothel having gotten arrested after the other hookers found out he was embezzling and that brothel went out of business, and another due to how she had to quit after it failed to stay afloat. In 2001 she was among the first women to audition for Vixena’s brothel, and became the first person to actually work there.
She’d finally hit the big time, becoming one of the main female “Attractions” to the brothel and found herself with plenty of work, but at better pay than she’d ever gained before, and as her career took off with the brothel’s success, she ultimately managed to make so much money she could buy herself a cozy little apartment, help support her family and even make it easier for her to give out more “Free samples.”
And at present, she’s still working on her back on a regular basis, happy as a clam and though her family has moved out of her old house and mostly supporting each other, she does send money to her mom regularly, donate money to the poor, and is quite happy with her life, especially since she and Aiko were given the job of periodically offering “Free Samples” of the service that can be provided at the Fox’s Tail. She has been involved in some adventures in the past, including a hair raising one in 2009 after Jack the Ripper returned and attempted to murder prostitutes in Hetelville, and he decided on her as a victim…she survived, and the fight the two had has been compared to a “Goddamn Bugs Bunny cartoon” by those who witnessed it.

Personality and mannerisms: It should go without saying that the single most prominent trait of Alice Dodger is the fact that she’s so Goddamn cheerful she’d view being stuck in the Sahara desert with no clear way to get to water or shelter as either a fun adventure or a good opportunity to get a tan.
While it is generally believed that her bizarre level of happiness, enthusiasm and optimism is genetic (which is probably true, seeing as these are traits both her parents had), exactly how she can still have it and keep it constantly is still a mystery to most.
She is not imperviously happy though, despite what some people might think of her, she can be sad, it just doesn’t often happen, and even if some of her experiences can prove stressful and quite depressing, she does not let it keep her down for particularly long, she’ll cope with the loss of loved ones by virtue of the fact that she still remembers the time she spent with them and looking forward to seeing them again after her own death.
As for her enthusiasm, this is something that like her optimism shows up in everything she does, actually it’s even more prominent when she’s doing things, filling it with a downright hilarious level of it.
She tends to run a lot, especially when it comes to going from place to place, while she does own a car, the fact she’ll run pretty much everywhere can save on it.
The third trait she is well known for is her sex drive, while she enjoys working as a prostitute A LOT (she tried some other jobs too, but this one just happens to be the only one she really loves doing) the act of sex is immensely fun for her, and she enjoys doing it whenever she can, while usually she’ll do it in return for money, ever since the job for Vixena helped her in making way more money, she’s more willing to do it for free when she’s not working, and frequently does so, most especially with men she knows can give her a real fun time, including Rod Garth. She is also a bisexual who’ll engage in a wide multitude of sexual practices, even weird ones…she does have limits though, as some of the downright disgusting stuff she’ll outright refuse no matter how much you offer, and while she is willing to take the money of and ‘service’ cheaters, she generally makes it clear that if it wasn’t for the fact that they’d have paid her while she was working, she would never sleep with him/her, and attempt to figure some means of tipping off their significant other about what happened.
The fourth most noted trait of her’s is that she is a hooker with what is very much a heart of gold, while she enjoys her job immensely she only started doing it in the first place because of her family’s poverty, she has never forgotten this and often donates money to help the poor, and also sends money to her mother (who is now unable to really get a job due to a workplace accident) and any of her siblings that might need it.
She also has a real soft spot for children too, and likes to hang out with some of her nieces and nephews, plus the children of some of her coworkers, she’s even on fairly good terms with Kira (who once babysat her a few times as well). Alice has never had any children of her own, but she is considering trying to get herself knocked up, but is still debating how to go about it quite a bit, unsure if she’d want to get a father for her child or if she’d simply want to raise it herself, all she knows for sure is that she’d want someone to get her pregnant via actual sex, she abhors the idea of using a sperm bank for this.
Contributing to her large amount of energy, is the fact Alice likes using cocaine, she doesn’t use too much unless she really feels like partying, but being fully aware of the side effects, tries to limit how much she actually snorts, she doesn’t use crack though, just the kind of coke you snort up your nose, she also loves coffee a lot…and energy drinks.
While continually cheery and full of energy, Alice is not an idiot, she might have never gone to college but she did get herself a GED, and those who know her are aware that she is in fact quite clever.
Other hobbies of Alice include glomping (her favorite way to greet everyone, including porcupines), twerking, Village People music, parties (not a humongous interest of her’s, but she likes to hang out with people there and just have fun), juggling (she is an amateur though), comedies (TV shows, movies and plays, she also enjoys reading the Confederacy of Dunces), some shows from the Side Boob Channel (specifically their live action adaptions of Fullmetal Alchemist, Excel Saga and 20th Century Boys), cheesy 70s and 80s pornography, jogging and watching stock car racing. Her favorite foods happen to include cheeseburgers, breakfast cereal, fried chicken, carrots, zucchini,  shrimp, coffee (as mentioned above), brandy, tea, mountain dew and bottled water.

Powers, skills, and equipment: While she is mostly just a very good hooker, Alice Dodger does have some good skills.
The first one that should be mentioned the natural advantages of boundless energy like her’s, such as the fact she is very fast and has a lot of stamina, the former is nearly Olympic level, while the latter actually is a little bit more than that, as such she can get along surprisingly well on only five hours of sleep per night.
Before she was a hooker, she and her family generally tended to engage in pickpocketing, shoplifting and periodic thievery to stay afloat, and often forage for food through garbage in addition, due to her upbringing she still knows how to do all of these fairly well, she’s no expert and prefers to make money through spreading her legs, but if she’s in a situation where these are needed, she can do it well. While being known to come from a family of thieves may harm most job interviews, Vixena was quite fair with Alice due to how she grew up in poverty that was worse than this, and that a lack of money can lead to this.
While she may prefer to talk ears off and be kinda loud, she’s capable of being pretty quiet when she wants to be.
Alice is very, very, very good when it comes to giving sex, she may not be better than Vixena, but there’s a good reason why she is one of the most popular ‘ladies’ working at the brothel. She’s legitimately very good at pleasuring clients, male and female, and can give sex with true skill, which she enhances in fact by using her boundless energy and enthusiasm, in addition to her happy attitude that pretty much makes any fling with her to be a enjoyable one.
Her optimistic attitude is very helpful, while it can actually be inspiring to others, a good morale booster and something that actually helps her in her work, it also allows her to be very brave in situations where it’s definitely needed, she can be quite the daredevil when she needs to.
She is surprisingly durable for someone with no superpowers to speak of, and is able to shrug off injuries, blunt trauma and general pain pretty well.
Also, as improbable as it may seem or sound, Alice is the owner of a four shot pistol whose ammunition happen to be small rockets that are themselves highly explosive, something that came in handy when Jack the Ripper tried to murder her.
She also claims to have “mastered” both glomping people and twerking.

Appearance: Alice Dodger is a very attractive 35 year old human woman of British descent. Possessing a slim build, though with some somewhat thicker thighs and a grand set of buttocks, nice and jiggly, she has very small breasts, basically an A cup. She does though have some well toned abs, very smooth and soft skin, her face is thin, with an oval shaped head, she has deep blue eyes, short brown hair that isn’t cropped and kinda spiky in a sense but still quite sexy, she has some beautiful teeth (especially funny given she’s of British descent, and took surprisingly good care of her teeth, however over on the left side of her mouth she has a noticeable gap in her teeth on top and bottom, which was caused when she was thirteen and accidentally fell down the stairs at her school, however despite this, the gap in her teeth isn’t actually ugly, if anything it actually makes her pretty cute, her skin is that of an average Caucasian women, and she has some rosy cheeks as well.
Her general outfits, whether she’s on duty or not, tend to look very much like a steampunk streetwalker, as in they look like they wouldn’t be out of place in such a setting,  but generally tend to show quite a bit of skin as well, kinda her thing. Her usual one has a pair of steampunk looking goggles she doesn’t usually wear on her eyes, just having them propped up on her forehead, she also has a couple of high heel shoes that look like they wouldn’t be out of place in the 1900s, and are pink colored, she has tan skintight pants that have about three holes running down the sides of them, not torn holes they’re just decorative. The rest consists of a matching shirt/top combo with a sizable neckline that ends right around her nipples, there are some sleeves to her outfit, that end around her wrists with cuffs, the top is fastened by not just putting it on, but by tying a knot that keeps it tight, which is around her breasts, plus a small clip on the bottom of her skirt that hooks onto the back of it, the shirt/top has a noticeable midriff but it doesn’t really extend around to the back, her exposed belly just ending about halfway back there, this is also skintight. She also has a small pearl necklace.

Other: While my main inspiration for Alice came from the webcomic Chimneyspeak, Charles Dickens and Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony, later on some other ones came sorta from Tracer from the videogame Overwatch.
My ideal voice for her would be a Cockney accent in the vein of the aforementioned Tracer’s, but with the enthusiasm and boundless energy of Pinkie Pie, because when you have an absurdly energetic, british accented hooker who REEEEALLLY loves her work, you need the enthusiasm to match it.
Reference sheet: Jenny Adams
Here's a new character, drawn as a commission by :iconLord_Foxhole:
Her name is Jenny Adams, one of the two best friends of Chelsea Bruin, a greedy, egocentric, short fused grizzly bear who despite these is not a total bitch and does have a soft spot for her friends.
Profile to come later.
Not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
The 3rd commission I've bought from :iconshonuff44: this time though, we have Rod Garth meeting the legendary fighter, Shred Wolf, as the two learn of something they have in common.


And before Rod had fucked Toppy the professional mascot, while Chieko and Squeak were talking, Rod ended up meeting another guy altogether...the bouncer.

This was Shred Wolf, who as Rod soon discovered, was not only a very strong and highly skilled fighter himself, but also had seduced a really large amount of ladies himself. Interested, Rod sat down next to him and greeted him.

Rod got himself a mug of beer not unlike the same size Shred preferred, and though Shred wasn't familiar with Rod, but though the alligator himself was kind of a dunski, he had to admit the gator was pretty nice to chat with.

While discussing multiple things, including the people they've fought, ladies they've boned and adventures they've been on, they ended up getting on the subject of the Big Bad Wolf, and Shred was in fact amazed to see how different things were on Rod's world, and how despite that, some things were very much the same.

Their chat lasted a while, and Rod forgot about asking him for info, but it ended after one of their shared hobbies came up, Shred spotted Miss Sweetcorn had came in for a drink, and excused himself to see if she could use some fun that night, while Rod had spotted Toppy and decided to do the same with her.

Many bedsprings squeaked that night.


Rod Garth belongs to me.

Shred Wolf belongs to :iconshonuff44:


Alexander James Foix
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
To I am known as A.Fox, to Youtube I am known as AFox739, to my friends I am known by my real name (Alex Foix), but to this site I am known as A-Fox-Of-Fanfiction (didn't have room for site.)
Earlier today I found out my pet goose Goosezilla is body was found, but me and my dad found a lot of feathers, a coyote or fox likely killed the poor guy :( I'm going to really miss him...I hope whatever coyote, fox, whatever the hell did this, I hope it pisses off a bear or a redneck.
  • Listening to: Music
  • Watching: Battleborn prologue
  • Drinking: Water





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